NATO Fuel Cans

Our Wavian Steel Jerry Cans come direct from the factory that supplies many NATO countries. Available in all sizes and colors and based on the classic military design; the Wavian Cans are the highest quality fuel cans on the market today. Rigorously tested, they boast a number of features, such as thicker walls and an interior Rezinol lining. Wavian produces the only EPA, CARB, DOT and OSHA approved gasoline cans. Each can comes with a spout and auto fill adapter.
Yellow 20L Fuel Can
Red 20L Fuel Can

Wavian Fuel Can — the original NATO Steel Jerry Can

from $79.99

These leak-proof steel fuel cans come directly from the same manufacturer that has supplied many NATO countries for over 75 years and are the highe...

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from $79.99

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