About Wavian USA

The Fuel Can is known by many names: Jerrican, Gasoline Can, Diesel Can, Kerosene Cans. Originally invented as a way for the military to refuel its vehicles in the field, the can was quickly adapted for civilian and everyday use.

The Wavian brand is synonymous with quality and is trusted by our many customers from all corners of the globe. 

Our Wavian Jerry Cans are built to the highest quality and fully safety tested. In addition, Wavian USA offers premium Water Cans, which also carry the same quality and performance Wavian is know for.

At Wavian USA, we are the sole North American supplier of the Wavian NATO Military Jerry Cans. Our flagship Jerry Can still keeps the original design from World War 2, while adding modern touches to improve performance and durability, as seen below.

Have more questions about the Wavian USA Jerry Cans? Visit our Fuel Can FAQs page.



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