German Army Trifold Shovel

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Looking for a heavy-duty, packable shovel? You've found it. This is an original German Army issue trifold shovel. Thanks to German design, these shovels lock securely into a straight spade or 90-degree pick configuration. This versatile tool can be folded down for storage and transportation with ease.

This rugged piece of equipment belongs in any off-road vehicle's overlanding kit and secured to the back of any prepper's bug-out-bag. Going camping? Don't forget the trench digger. (This can also be used as a makeshift lean-to stool... so we're told.)

Built for heavy use by the German military, this is a solid piece of gear and perfectly suited to match your Jerry Can. After all, the name Jerry from Jerry can was an old war slang for Germans. German designed fuel cans, german designed tri-fold shovels. It's a match made in heaven. They're used and in excellent condition. This is a serious quality trifold shovel.

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