Kelly Kettle Ultimate Base Camp Kit – Stainless Steel Camp Kettle

SKU 50119

The ultimate Kelly Kettle kit is the best camping kettle for family camping, large groups, scouts, outdoor education, picnics, fishing, hunting, survival kits & emergency preparedness, etc.

Kelly Kettle Ultimate Kits are the best value when purchasing Kelly Kettle products! This Kit includes:

  • Stainless Steel Kettle (choose between 54 fl. oz. or 41 fl. oz.) and fire-base.
  • Cook set - which includes: 29 fl.oz. Pot / Frying Pan (pot lid) / 2 Piece Grill / Gripper Handle.
  • Large Hobo Stove - turns the fire-base into a wood-fueled stove for easy cooking.
  • Kelly Kettle Pot/Base Support
  • 2 Stainless Steel Camping Cups - 17 & 12 fl. oz. cups with silicone CooLIp pieces.
  • 2 Stainless Steel Camping Plates
  • Storage Bag

All items are Stainless Steel and fit neatly within the kettle itself for transport/storage.

Base Camp weight: 4.9lb / 2.23kg (excluding packaging)
Scout Kit weight: 4.66lb / 2.12kg (excluding packaging)

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